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Optar AI + UAS = Full Visual Inspection and Analysis Solution

At Optar AI we know that the growing area of drone-based services is providing the best in class image data using the full range of remote sensors. Consequently, we’ve developed and are now partnering with best in class UAS in the US. We allow UAS to focus on what they do best: fly, use best in class remote sensors to capture data and do initial image processing and visual inspection. Optar then provides the best tools for the visual inspection and reporting and then offers up targeted data analytics in an easy to use platform that also incorporates cutting edge technology in deep learning/AI. Our software services expertise also gives UAS the comfort of knowing that we can not only analyze data, but also provide special integration into the enterprise or offer custom software solutions to their customers.

Recognizing that we are all in this together, Optar offers its UAS and all other data capture partners (including satellite, plane, helicopter or other types too) a revenue sharing deal that provides additional profit to the inspection service when using the Optar AI platform. Contact us for more details.

Profile Optar AI UAS Partner: Skyview Action Media

Through our partnership with Optar AI we at SkyView Action Media hope to reach new heights in our ability to offer a top of the line service to our clients. With the latest in image recognition software we are excited to see what the future holds.—Andrew Kardos, President/Chief Drone Operator, Chicago, IL, Skyview Action Media

SkyView Action Media specializes in delivering a unique perspective of our world. We offer a photography and video service in stunning 4k resolution and high definition images. We specialize in capturing breathtaking views of residential and commercial real estate, industrial inspections, weddings, architecture, golf courses, and many more venues. Providing a high quality affordable product is what we strive to do for every customer.

With a growing drone fleet we specialize in flying DJI brand UAS’s. These electronically powered drones are capable of extended flight times and obtaining incredible angles that were formally unavailable. These technologies, along with our creative instincts, give us the capabilities to produce stunning imagery that can be tailored to any business’s needs