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Deep Learning/AI + GIS + Data Analysis = Optar AI

With the application of deep learning/AI to image analytics, Optar AI has developed a visual inspection  and predictive analytics platform for the commercial market. With UAS and other data capture partners we provide the software services they need to generate reports, predict potential problems and identify further inspection needs.

Helping Businesses Streamline Operations

Optar is dedicated to providing software services to any business large or small wishing to streamline the time and investment made in inspection and maintenance of important assets. We will work closely with you to adapt our visual inspections/predictive analytics platform and integrate into your company’s unique reporting systems.

Our reports are generated after our visual inspection and/or analysis engine has run producing a clearly defined report of all irregularities or areas needing focus.

Using Deep Learning/AI for Visual Inspections

Using convolutional neural net (CNNs) with auto encoding and many other deep learning approaches, Optar automates the inspection process by analyzing images created from any sensor or source (drones, satellite, plane, helicopter…) and cuts down the time a UAS or business needs to ID changes or anomalies to any asset visually inspected. It takes literally seconds to generate a report.

We also allow for appending manually polygons on the image already analyzed allowing for greater flexibility in reporting on areas of concern for preventative maintenance. We can customize our algorithms to meet your specific needs too.

While industry analysts see the advent of BIG DATA as leading to “…the democratization of IT”, at Optar we are also witnessing the “…democratization of GIS.” We are committed to unleashing the power of GIS and making it useful for all.

Proud member of NVIDIA'S Inception Program